Frequently Asked Questions

Q&A for Consumers:

Q: What does DealNation do?
A: DealNation finds the best local deal of the day providers in your city and allows you to register with just a few simple steps. As a DealNation member, we'll keep you informed on new Daily Deal firms opening in your city, special offers from our partners and much more!

Q: Where can I find the deal I purchased?
A: DealNation does not actually sell the deals directly. We simply invite you to join deal sites where you buy the deals. Once you've made a purchase, you can go to that website directly to obtain your voucher.

Q: Is my personal information on DealNation secure?
A: Always! For additional details, please see our Privacy Policy.

Q: What cities are featured?  Can I suggest a Daily Deal website?
A: We feature deal partners nationwide and are always expanding. If we have missed your city (or your favorite Daily Deal firm!), please contact us at [email protected] or go to our Contact Us page.

Q: Can I unsubscribe from DealNation or one of its Daily Deal partners?
A: Absolutely. Every e-mail DealNation sends out has a single-click safe-unsubscribe option that you can use at anytime.  Once you sign up for one of DealNation's partners, you can unsubscribe directly with them at any time as well... of course, with all the great ways to save, you'll probably never want to!

Q&A for Daily Deal websites:

Q: How do we have our site listed on DealNation.com?
A: We're always seeking the best possible partners in each city to be featured in our listings.  Read more about DealNation for my Business and then consider Contacting Us.

Q: Is DealNation a deal aggregator?
A: No.  Deal aggregators resell your deals for a commission.  DealNation does not resell your deals but instead features your company; allowing our members to join you directly.  We feel this is the best way for you to create a strong relationship with your users - through direct one-on-one interaction.

Q&A for local Merchants:

Q: Why should I consider offering a Daily Deal?
A: A Daily Deal, when crafted correctly, can be one of the most low-risk and high-impact marketing campaigns a local firm can implement.   We can help advise you on designing a Daily Deal that should be (a) no cost, (b) highly responsive, and (c) generate both short-term and long-term profitability.

Q: Can I offer a Daily Deal on DealNation?
A: Sorry, DealNation works with local Daily Deal firms nationwide and does not offer deals directly.  However, through our contacts, we can help you work with one or more of our local partners - thereby maximizing your exposure and business success.  Read more about DealNation for my Business and then consider Contacting Us.