About DealNation

About Us

For the consumer - -

DealNation was designed to empower you, the consumer, by offering instant access to local deal of the day providers in your city. Over the past year, the deal of the day phenomena has swept the nation, allowing consumers the ability to purchase goods and services at 50% - 90% off. Our team has searched far and wide to find the very best hidden Deal of the Day websites in each city.

Unlock great local deals in your city - completely free. Plus, when a new firm opens in your city, DealNation can give you the inside scoop before anyone else!

For our Daily Deal partners - -

Leverage all the advantages and benefits of expensive national marketing campaigns with none of the risk or waste - your firm is only displayed to our members when they have identified themselves as being in a city where you are currently active. You're already doing all the work to find great daily deals for your members and now DealNation is one of the easiest and most effective methods to spread the word to locals in your city. We are not a "deal aggregator", but rather we help your firm build its own list of members - so that you can build long-term relationships directly with your clients.

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For local Merchants interested in offering a Daily Deal - -

DealNation does not offer Daily Deals, but we can help maximize your business's exposure and success by introducing you to multiple local Daily Deal firms that are reaching out to potential clients in your city.

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